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4/5 Stars for GIRDER – Bike Radar Review

BikeRadar“Praxis has a superb global reputation for its ultra long-lived, cold-forged and machined chainrings and pioneering ‘self installing’ threaded sleeve press-fit bottom bracket solutions.   Praxis has bridged the gap between bearings and rings with these unashamedly, almost brutally workmanlike-looking Girder cranks.

BikeRadar verdict  – “Monster stiff arms, big axle cranks with legendarily long-lived BB and chainrings”

Highs: Bombproof build, silky operation, chain retention

Lows: Only compatible with same-brand M30 bottom brackets

Buy if: You want a set of cranks that are tougher than the rest

Read the full GIRDER M30 review here on Bike Radar…

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