Velonews has been riding our 10spd wide-range cassette for a while now, and they had some great things to say.  Here are a few choice snippets from the article.

“The real beauty of this cassette is the simplicity of it all: no new derailleurs, no modifications, just a bigger gear on a full cassette. Pop it on, make sure your limit screws are adjusted, and pedal away.”

“Shifting performance was good enough that it wasn’t noticeably different from the old cassette. Yep, that’s a good thing. That means all shifts were as smooth as they were with a regular 10-speed cluster. There was no hesitation getting into the 40-tooth cog, no noise, no vibration. It worked exactly as it was supposed to, even with a medium-cage rear derailleur”

“As an alternative to a single-cog adapter, the Praxis cassette is a great option.”

“In the end, the question remains: Why this cassette over a simple one-cog adapter? There are a few key reasons to go with the full cassette, and the most obvious among them is price. For $130 you get a unit that’s designed to work as one unit, no fussing or adapting required. And $130 is a very good price for a cassette like this, especially considering an adapter will cost half of that plus the cost of a cassette to use it with. For the budget-minded rider in need of a little lower gearing, Praxis is worth a look.”

Click here for the full VeloNews review!

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