The new DH-9 is named after the famous winding Highway 9 in Santa Cruz.  This redwood covered highway that snakes along the San Lorenzo river has been the main artery for local gravity riders getting up the mountains and into the trees.  This well known "commute" is our inspiration for the 9.


Made for the gravity riders and the long travel hero.  The 9 is forged from high grade 6000 series alloy with reinforced cross sections to be as tough as it possibly can.   Coupled with a length specific M30 spindle... Just one look at the 9 and you know it's made for purpose.

BB - Majority of DH bikes are based on threaded 83mm width BSA, but occasionally some brands use PF41 x 104.5, and PF41 x 107.   The good news is we support the installation of the 9 in all three of these DH frame types with our M30 BBs.        


The 9 uses the 3-bolt direct mount interface for fast and easy ring changes when you need.    You can use any 3-bolt interface ring you want...any shape..size..color.      

CHAINLINE :  Every DH bike is different and chainline is important.  57mm CL is achieved with 3mm offset ring, and a 60mm CL is achieved with a 0mm offset ring.     

DESIGN. BUILD. RIDE. REPEAT.   Words at our core.