From Eurobike to Interbike, Praxis has received some great press recently on many of our current and upcoming products.  Have a read below to see what many of the sites and mags are saying.


“There’s no shame in spinning. Whether you like to admit or not, road biking is largely about suffering. It’s digging deep and crawling up a climb, or going fully anaerobic trying to hang with your friends. For those who haven’t fully embraced the masochistic lifestyle, the new micro compact crankset from Praxis Works will be of interest.” Full Article Here…


“Praxis has subtly modified its Zayante hollow forged aluminum crankarms to accept its new micro-compact 48/32T chainrings. The lower gearing isn’t aimed at traditional roadies (although some may certainly benefit), but rather gravel and adventure riders who might be hauling heavier loads or traveling on steeper terrain.”  Full Pics Here… scroll all the way down.


“In order to fit an incredibly small 32t chainring on the inboard position, the Micro Compact spider has two tricks up its sleeve. First, the spider itself has a small shelf machined onto the tip of each arm. This allows the ring to sit lower and provides clearance for the chain as it rides over the teeth. The other trick is that the chainring bolt actually threads into the inner ring rather than using a threaded nut. The result is a 48/32t micro compact that will get you up some of the steepest hills.”  Full Article Here…


“Praxis Works also had its long-awaited carbon fibre crankset on display, called the Lyft. We’ve covered off the Lyft crank before, but the only news we have here is that refinements are still being made before final production begins. Praxis Works were keen to stipulate that they want to be VERY sure it’s ready before signing off on the design. They don’t mind if they miss sales in the meantime, they just want to ensure they can release the best carbon crank they can.” Full Article Here…


Overview of the upcoming Praxis wheel sets. Full Article Here…

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