To create the most precise shifting possible, the big ring and smaller rings need to be designed as one. The timing of the rings (or ‘clocking’) is extremely important. It allows the big and small rings to always be in sync and properly aligned for the chain to move smoothly at the time you shift. This is the basis of our LevaTime® shifting technology. If the timing is off by incorrect mounting or you substitute a different ring than the matched combo, the shift quality will degrade and problems will occur. Do NOT substitute any other ring type or tooth count into your Praxis matched pair.
The two silver pieces are two different lengths of catch pins. Catch pins are designed to prevent the chain from becoming wedged between the crank and the ring in the event of a derailment. You’ll choose the catch pin that comes closest to your crank arm without touching. The tiny black piece is a threaded plug designed to cover the hole in the big ring that you are not threading a catch pin into. You’ll need a 2mm allen wrench to install the pins and plug.
BCD is an acronym for Bolt Circle Diameter. This is the diameter of the circle that goes through the center of all of the bolts on your chainring. 110BCD generally is referred to as compact and mid-compact (Praxis 46-36, 48-32, 50-34, 52-36 rings as well as 38t, 40t and 42t 1x rings) while 130BCD is known most commonly as “standard” (Praxis 53-39, 54-42 and 56-42 rings). Praxis also makes 104BCD and 94BCD Wave rings, as these are two of the most common MTB BCD’s.
Praxis 48-32 chainrings are compatible with our Praxis Alba, Praxis Zayante and Zayante Carbon cranks as well as the new Specialized alloy 110BCD spider. These chainrings are not compatible with any other cranks or spiders. Note: 48-32 rings are not compatible with TURN Zayante cranks
YES, our rings work great on both 10sp AND 11sp drivetrains. That goes for Shimano 10/11 speed drivetrains and Campy 10/11sp drivetrains. Both Di2/Eps and Mechanical work great. Also, our rings shift great with SRAM 10sp drivetrains and the new SRAM 22 11sp drivetrains. Yaw Front derailleurs work great with our rings too.