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MATCHED SETS - Why are your rings sold as matched sets only?

To create the most precise shifting possible, the big ring and smaller rings need to be designed as one. The timing of the rings (or ‘clocking’) is extremely important. It allows the big and small rings to always be in sync and properly aligned for the chain to move smoothly at the time you shift. This is the basis of our LevaTime® shifting technology.

If the timing is off by incorrect mounting or you substitute a different ring than the matched combo, the shift quality will degrade and problems will occur. Do NOT substitute any other ring type or tooth count into your Praxis matched pair.

10/11sp - Are your rings both 10sp and 11sp compatible? What groups work?

YES, our rings work great on both 10sp AND 11sp drivetrains. That goes for Shimano 10/11 speed drivetrains and Campy 10/11sp drivetrains. Both Di2/Eps and Mechanical work great.

Also, our rings shift great with SRAM 10sp drivetrains and the new SRAM 22 11sp drivetrains. Yaw Front derailleurs work great with our rings too.
Please read our full Compatibility Statement Here.

CATCH PIN - The Big Ring chain catch pin sticks out too far and touches the back of my crank arm. What do I do?

Easy adjustment – Being an aftermarket ring, we try to fit a bunch of different cranks. If we make it too short, then the catch pin won’t protect in case of over shift on some wider profile cranks. So we chose to go with a longer catch pin that people can simply file down if it touches the back of their crank arm. The vast majority of cranks are a perfect fit right out of the box… but on a few the chain catch pin may need to be filed down.

TRIPLE ROAD - Will you be offering a triple road set?

Probably at some point, but it’s going to be a while. We have to pick and choose what gearing to tool up for next, and the demand is greater for other combos right now. It’s in our product road map for sure as we recognize the need, but it will be some time.

TANDEM RINGS - Are your chain rings ok to use with Tandem drivetrains?

NO – Our rings are not designed for the stress loads of Tandem bicycles. Use on tandem bikes will void the warranty as stress loads are much greater on a tandem drivetrain and not what our rings were intended for.

OVAL RINGS - Will you be making Oval-Style rings?

NO – We will not be making any “Oval Style Rings.” Our #1 priority is to provide the best shifting rings possible and that can only be done with round chain rings.

LOOK ZED RINGS - I have a bicycle with the ZED crank, can I buy the custom Praxis forged ZED Chainrings from you?

You want to call your local Authorized LOOK Dealer and they can help you with your purchase of the ZED custom forged rings.  We are their vendor and just manufacture the custom rings for LOOK.

POWER METERS - Do your rings work with the spider based power meter systems?

YES – Our rings work great on power meters from companies like Power2Max, SRM, InfoCrank, Rotor, and newer Quarq systems. Some older Quarq systems were finicky in calibration and per Quarq our 52/36 set and 53/39 Clover calibrated best on those. But the newer Quarq Elsa and Riken are no problem at all. Mount them up!


What chain do you suggest for the best shifting?

Due to the amount of mixing and matching riders do with drivetrain components, shift performance is very subjective. That being said, for the best shifting experience we highly suggest using KMC, Shimano, or Campy chains.

I own a chain that is not on your list of suggested chains... what do I do?

We highly suggest using KMC, Shimano, or Campy chains. Certain other brands did not perform well in our testing and we cannot suggest those chains due to poor shift quality and higher occurrence of fouled shifts with those brands.

Please use one of the 3 brands we suggest for the designed shifting experience with Praxis Works LevaTime chain rings.


BEARING TYPE - What bearings are in my Conversion BB?

  • Shimano Conv BB-  Current versions use an Enduro 2437 bearing with our current orange outer seal.   Older versions used a 6805 bearing with black plastic end/spindle reducer cap.
  • SRAM GXP/ISIS2 Conv BB- uses an Enduro 2437 bearing for drive side, and 2237ER w/Extended race on the NonDrive side.

MODIFY BEARINGS - Can I swap out or upgrade my bearings in my Praxis BB?

This is really a two part answer. If the BB is modified or changed from its original state, then the warranty is void. This includes pulling/changing your bearings.  Having said that, yes, technically it can be done using professional grade puller/press.  So when your bearings reach their end of life or you feel it’s time, you simply have to make a choice.

Choice 1: If you want warranty/support, you will simply purchase a new BB.

Choice 2: If you don’t care about warranty, then you can just pull/repress a new Enduro 2437 bearing. We just have to be clear that when you do this modification, the Praxis warranty has been voided.

  • Shimano Conv BB –  Current versions use an Enduro 2437 bearing with our current orange outer seal.   Older versions used a 6805 bearing with black plastic end/spindle reducer cap.
  • SRAM GXP/ISIS2 Conv BB – uses a 2437 bearing on the drive side, and a 2237 w/Extended race on the NonDrive side.

Specialized OSBB - Will your Conversion BB work on my Specialized OSBB road bike? IE Venge... Roubaix... Tarmac.

YES! We have a version that is compatible with Specialized road “OSBB” frames — both Alloy AND Carbon shell. The BB ships with custom sleeves to install on the full Carbon OSBB shell frames. If your frame is an Alloy OSBB shell, then you simply don’t use the included sleeves. Specialized MTB frames are standard PF30 so you would order the 73MM MTB PF30 Conversion. Have a look here at our Guide.

What cranks can be used in your current Shimano Conversion BB?

Our current conversion BB is designed exclusively for the Shimano Hollowtech II spindle/cranks only. We do not support other cranks on this BB as the bearing and design are specific to Shimano Hollowtech II cranks.

We now have versions for both SRAM/GXP and Campy ULT.

REPLACEMENT PARTS- I needs to replace my outer seals and O-ring, do you have them?

YES, head on over to our small parts page and we have it all there. You can buy replacement outer seals and other parts as needed.


What cranks do your rings work with?

For Road, any traditional 5 arm crank or 4-arm (with hidden 5th bolt) that is 110BCD or 130BCD.   For MTB, the rings are made for a 4 arm 104/64 BCD. There are a few cranks out there that have custom mounting or BCD that our rings do not mount on.  For example: The Zipp Vuma Quad, Campy Cranks.  Our rings are NOT made for these 4-arm cranks as they use a custom BCD. More here on Compatiblity.

CAMPY Cranks - Are the ring sets compatible with Campagnolo cranks?

NO – Our rings do not mount to Campy cranks as they have their own custom bolt circle/mount. We initially had plans to launch a ring set for Campy cranks/BCD, but will not be.

IMPORTANT – Our chain rings are 10sp and 11sp compatible, so you can use our rings with a Campy 10/11sp drivetrain if the rings are mounted on a traditional 5-arm mount 110 or 130BCD crank. For example, you could use cranks by Specialized, LOOK, Cannondale, FSA, ROTOR, Quarq, etc. Many people use these cranks with our rings, with the rest of the drivetrain Campy 10 or 11.

Do your rings work on the DuraAce 7900/7950 crank or the Ultegra 6700/6750?

Two Part Answer – Yes, they mount and work perfectly by using regular CR bolts.  You just can’t use the Shimano included bolts as they are made only for their ring.  However, Shimano made the 6700/6750 and 7900/7950 crank very integrated into their chain rings.  Our Praxis rings mount and work perfectly, but they don’t have the integrated look that the stock Ultegra/Dura Ace rings do.

SRAM EXOGRAM CRANKS - Do your rings mount onto thenewer SRAM Exogram Cranks?

Yes , our “BUZZ” Road rings work for both regular 5-arm road cranks, and also 4-arm with hidden 5th bolt like the EXOGRAM cranks from SRAM.


ROAD/CX USE- Can I use this cassette with road bike or CX drivetrain?

We know many people will be experimenting with all sorts of road/CX setups with this cassette, but Praxis Support & Warranty is limited to 10sp MTB drivetrain use and with 10sp MTB Mid or Long cage rear derailleurs as per the specification/design of the product.

DURABILITY- What is the life expectancy of the cassette?

The cassette is a ‘Wear and Tear’ product and life expectancy will definitely vary between rider types/weights and of course the environment and conditions you ride in.   That being said, keep your drivetrain clean and never ride a worn out chain. A stretched/worn out chain can and will cause premature wear of other parts on your drivetrain.

B-TENSION SCREW-How much space is needed between the upper pulley of my RD and the teeth of the 40T cog?

By screwing down your B-Tension screw, you will simply adjust so that your upper rear derailleur pulley clears the 40T cog by at least a few millimeters.

WHOLE CASSETTE- Can I just purchase the 34-40 upper carrier by itself?

No. Praxis cassettes are only sold as a whole cassettes and not in pieces.

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