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Jamis CX Team on Praxis Works cold forged rings

A program in its inaugural year, the Jamis Cyclocross Team will be racing in the Northeast, Pacific Northwest and NorCal regions of the USA, as well as select UCI and National level cyclocross events on Praxis Works 46/36 CX ring. Tyler Wren, Ben Jacques-Maynes, Carson Miller, and Philip Mooney will switch to the squad from the company’s road team, while another rider — 18-year-old Sam Cerruti — will join them. Jacques-Maynes and Mooney are based in northern California and will mentor Cerruti.
Praxis will also support two other riders during this cyclocross season: Jessica Cutler, who will ride a Jamis while racing for BIKESport, and Thomas Turner, the reigning Master’s 30-34 world cyclocross champion. Turner currently rides for Jamis’ mountain bike squad. More on the team here!




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