Here are just a few excerpts from the MTBR.COM review on our Cadet M30 mountain crank. For full article, see link at bottom.

Sturdy aluminum cranks offer excellent performance and value

All words and photos credit to MTBR.COM/Saris Mercanti

“If you’ve purchased a mid- to high-end mountain bike in the past few years, there’s a good chance your bike came equipped with Race Face cranks. There’s a good reason for that. They’re easy to install, modular, and require little maintenance.

So how do you dethrone the king? How about starting with a product that’s lighter and less expensive. That’s the theory behind the new Cadet M30 crank from Praxis. Coming in at $220 as tested for the crankset, chainring, bottom bracket, and install tool, the Cadet is more affordable than most competitors in this segment.”

“In terms of performance, we have zero complaints. There’s no noticeable flex from the cranks, they’re creak free, and the finish has proven to be resilient. The Praxis chainring has also done a remarkable job holding our chain securely, even when the clutch mechanism on our derailleur failed.”

“If you’re looking to upgrade your current crankset, the Praxis Cadet is worth a look. It offers an almost unbeatable combination of performance and weight at a price that’s hard to argue with.”