“Eleven-speed drivetrains may be all the rage these days, but even though prices are starting to drop it’s still quite expensive to make the upgrade, and many riders are reluctant to buy a whole new drivetrain just to get a slightly wider gear range. To address that fact, last season a number of small companies started churning out wide-range conversion kits that allowed riders to reconfigure their current 10-speed cassette and derailleur in order to gain a 40 or 42 tooth climbing gear.

Those aftermarket kits proved to be wildly popular, but this year Praxis Works took things a step further and released an entire 11-40 tooth ten-speed cassette. With a retail price of $130 USD the cassette costs less than it would to buy a SRAM or Shimano cassette and a wide-range cog kit, making it one of the best values around for riders looking for an easy way to increase the gear spread of their current drivetrain. The shifting still isn’t quite as perfect as it is on a standard 11-36 tooth cassette, but it’s damn close, and the 40 tooth cog is a welcome addition to help tame those relentless climbs.”– Pink Bike

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