The good folks at BikeRumor just posted up a very detailed long term review of our cold forged road/cx rings.  They have been riding a bunch of different Praxis sets over the years putting them to the  test.  Here are a few excerpts and link to full review.

“If you have another brand’s 130BCD crank, your chainrings are inferior to start. Upgrading to Praxis will improve shifting performance right away, and you’ll probably get twice as much use out of them before they wear out. We probably can’t recommend them enough for high mileage road riding.”

“The ring stiffness seems to be an improvement over the stock SRAM chainrings, and we’re happy to throw these back on the bike for a few more weeks until cross season starts up again.”

“It’s important to note that while a couple sets of these had been provided by Praxis to us for review, three of our European testers have each bought at least one other set of Praxis rings in the meantime, whether to replace another set of worn-out Praxis rings or to upgrade another crankset to get the same shifting performance on another bike. We feel they are that good, and any crankset that fits them, deserves an upgrade. We’ve been very happy with all of the chainrings we’ve ridden from Praxis. Like any good cycling product they disappear under us, and do their job thanklessly.”

“Sure there are some good applications for single-ring setups, but the Praxis rings have done a lot to making us content with front shifting, and the wider gear ranges and tighter cog spacing that come with it. We can still comfortably recommend the Praxis forged chainrings as probably the best replacement option available for typical 130 and 110 BCD cranks (no Campy crank compatibility unfortunately) and both road and cross applications.”

Full BikeRumor article here.

Photo credits Bike Rumor / Cory Benson

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