In the summer of 2013, we met with the crew from Power2Max to help them with shifting options for their power meters. They make what is considered one of the most sought-after and user friendly power meters in the industry, but they needed rings to compliment.

Not just any ring, but the Praxis Cold Forged rings. So with that meeting, we worked together to start offering the Praxis Works rings installed as the OEM sets. Our rings being 10 & 11sp compatible across Shimano, Campy, and SRAM became their Go-To installed sets and completely polished off the offerings from Power2Max. Since then, the relationship grew to offering our sets for OEM in both North America and Europe. Now, with the launch of their brand new Type S power meter, our working relationship continues to blossom. Visit Power2Max to see the new Type S with Praxis Works chainrings.

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