SEP ’19 | LEVATIME II – “In the world of aftermarket crankset and chainring upgrades, it’s sorta hard to beat the value that Praxis brings to the table. With quality parts and solid designs, the latest Levatime 2 chainrings and spider make it even harder Designed to be stiffer and lighter, the Levatime 2 chainrings do several things to also improve shift quality. First, they thicken up the base plate of metal. They’re forged, so as the metal is pushed into shape, it creates a 5mm (up from 4mm) base. The actual teeth and tips are narrower, but at the bottom of the bit chainring, you’ll find 5mm of cold-forged aluminum.    Read More

JUN ’19 | WAVE TECH CX1X– “The Wave CX is a top-class alternative to the big names that I’m confident won’t let me down.  Machined from 7075 T6 aluminium plate, the Praxis ring has an five-arm construction. Chain retention relies on the ‘WAVE’ arrangement of the CNC-shaped, staggered teeth, which apply alternating lateral force to each link.  This ring doesn’t rely solely on the insertion friction of other wide-narrow designs with heavily shaped teeth, and so evenly spreads the chain’s load across more of the teeth.”   Read More