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CASSETTE | Praxis Cycles – A few years ago, quietly and without much warning, SRAM re-wrote the book on MTB drivetrains and more or less caught everyone else with their pants down with the release of XX1. A slow response from the competition combined with a considerably steep price tag opened the door to several clever manufacturers seeking to fill what amounted to a gaping hole in the drivetrain market.
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CASSETTE | Praxis Cycles’ 11-40t 10-speed mountain bike cassette has made its official debut at the Taipei Cycle Show. Costing just US$130 and weighing just 320g, it’s looking like an economical way to build a viable 1x drivetrain. Read More

CASSETTE | Praxis Cycles – Looking for a wider gearing range? There are all sorts of add-on solutions out there right now, but Praxis feels that these modifications can cause both less than ideal jumps in gearing and hurt shifting performance. The better answer, they say, is their new $129.99 USD ten speed cassette that sports an 11 – 40 tooth range with a 11-13-15-17-19-21-24-28-34-40 spread. Read More

CASSETTE | TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN) — Praxis Works’ Adam Haverstock believes you shouldn’t have to cut a fat check to SRAM or Shimano or Frankenstein your existing 10-speed mountain drivetrain to get a wide-range 1-by setup. Read More

CASSETTE | Praxis has thrown down a serious contender to anyone looking to convert their 10-speed mountain bike to a 1x setup with their new Wide Range Cassette, and it’s not even limited to 1x drivetrains. Read More

CASSETTE | This Praxis 10-speed cassette is going to make a one-by drivetrain accessible to a lot more riders. While SRAM’s system is coming down in price as its XX1 technology trickles down he pricing chain, it’s still prohibitive to many. We’ve written about the inexpensive one-by ‘hack’ options, which work but not without sacrificing some shifting performance. The Praxis cassette maintains smooth, concise shifting and at $130, it costs about the same as a cog expander system, said the company’s Adam Haverstock. Read More