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AUG ’18 | ZAYANTE CARBON  – “Shifting is impressive, as is the stiffness. The Zayante stacks up pretty well, though, at £300 when you compare it to some of the competition. There’s a huge selection of bottom brackets to choose from : the Zayante will work with BSA, BB86, 386 EVO, BB30, PF30, T47, BBRight and the older Specialized OSBB. The Zayante is a very good chainset in all aspects, especially if you want the option of the sub-compact ring sizes…”  Read More

APR ’18 | ZAYANTE CARBON – It’s not often we riders upgrade cranksets (unless there’s a shiny power meter to install, of course), but Praxis have developed a new carbon crankset that might make you think twice about sticking with your standard groupset model in future.  You might know Praxis best from their presence on many of Specialized’s OEM bikes, and on those bikes they’ve often provided comparable performance to series offerings from Shimano and SRAM. With the Zayante Carbon M30 X, Praxis have just upped the ante, however, with a brand new carbon-fibre model.  Most impressively, it’s available for a mere £300 for a full chainset, which seriously undercuts those main premium groupset offerings on price, too, making it a great-value, high-performance upgrade possibility.   Read More

AUG ’18 | ZAYANTE CARBON –  “The Praxis Zayante Carbon Cranks give you 1x and 2x from micro-compact to 53/39 compatibility in a single crank. Lighter arms than Dura Ace (and less expensive) and excellent M30BB’s compatible with 90+% of all frames manufactured today…”    Read More

AUG ’17 | LYFT MTN CRANK – We first found out about Praxis (a company that’s local to our US tester) when he was in search of a way to convert his BB30 Turner RFX to work with SRAM GXP cranks. Praxis kindly sent out their “conversion BB” for testing. We were impressed by it and always stoked on well made parts that provide “why didn’t I think of that?” solutions. A few months back, we stopped into their headquarters in Santa Cruz for an office tour. On our way out, we grabbed a set of their new Lyft cranks…Freakishly light, but quite stout, the carbon cranks utilize Praxis’ take on a massive forged spindle that’s proprietary to their bottom brackets. It threads right into a standard BSA threaded shell and they offer BBs for just about any configuration. Anyhow, here’s how they have held up on our daily driver… Read More

APRIL ’17 | CARBON C32 WHEELS – These wheels haven’t had an easy life – rain and mud have been a part of nearly every single ride they’ve been on, and I haven’t been shy about smacking them into corners and plowing through roots and rocks. The good news? They’ve taken the exposure to the elements and all those hits like a champ. The bearings are still spinning smoothly and, other than a few tiny scratches the rims, are still as good as new, even after several hits that I’m sure would have dented an aluminum rim.  Wide, light, and durable, Praxis’ C32 wheelset is an excellent option for any rider looking to upgrade their ride. The price isn’t as outlandish as some other carbon wheels on the market, but it’s still an investment. Luckily, the stealthy graphics should make it easier to run them without your significant other noticing… at least until the next credit card statement arrives.  Read More

OCT ’16 | T47 BB PODCAST  – “US technical editor James Huang sits down for this week’s CyclingTips podcast with Adam Haverstock of Praxis Cycles, Chuck Panaccione of Enduro Bearings, and Jonas Johnson of Chris King to discuss the pros and cons of T47, the politics surrounding its implementation, and how we ended up here in the first place.”  Read More

MAY ’18 | GIRDER CARBON –  “Praxis has yet another entry into the carbon cranks realm – and this one won’t break the bank. Unveiled at the Sea Otter Classic last month, the Girder Carbon 1x crankset has a claimed weight of 542 grams and sells for $310 including protective crank boots and chainring, which comes in 30, 32, 34, and 36-tooth options.…”    Read More

APR ’18 | GIRDER CARBON – Featuring an interesting Wave tooth chainring that “alternates lateral force to each chain link to actively retain the chain,” Praxis was stoked to present their new Girder Carbon crankset at Sea Otter Classic 2018. The Girder cranks pack a lot of value for their $310 price tag.  Listen in to our chat with Adam Haverstock for a complete overview –  Read More & Listen

AUG ’17 | CARBON CRANKS – Praxis debuts Girder Carbon mountain bike cranks, Zayante X road & quieter BBs at Eurobike.  Read More

CASSETTE | Praxis Cycles – Looking for a wider gearing range? There are all sorts of add-on solutions out there right now, but Praxis feels that these modifications can cause both less than ideal jumps in gearing and hurt shifting performance. The better answer, they say, is their new $129.99 USD ten speed cassette that sports an 11 – 40 tooth range with a 11-13-15-17-19-21-24-28-34-40 spread. Read More

CASSETTE | Praxis has thrown down a serious contender to anyone looking to convert their 10-speed mountain bike to a 1x setup with their new Wide Range Cassette, and it’s not even limited to 1x drivetrains. Read More

CASSETTE | This Praxis 10-speed cassette is going to make a one-by drivetrain accessible to a lot more riders. While SRAM’s system is coming down in price as its XX1 technology trickles down he pricing chain, it’s still prohibitive to many. We’ve written about the inexpensive one-by ‘hack’ options, which work but not without sacrificing some shifting performance. The Praxis cassette maintains smooth, concise shifting and at $130, it costs about the same as a cog expander system, said the company’s Adam Haverstock. Read More