Our original LevaTime™ rings were the product of years of relentless testing and tweaking.  The final result is a set of some of the finest and fastest-shifting rings available.  To this day, our Buzz family of rings is still considered by many to be some of the best shifting rings available.

But our engineers were not content to sit still.  Behind the scenes we kept pushing, testing and tuning for faster shifts and smoother shifts.   We went further than we ever have in creating our new LevaTime II™ X-rings.

Now updated to a new stiffer 5mm big ring, this allowed our engineers to increase the amount of shift features and the type of shift features we could forge into our X-rings.  This new foundation also allowed us to implement our new fast engaging forged shift pins to improve shift speed.  Holding it all together with even better support is even our beefed-up LT2 forged X-Spider.

After riding these new rings, you’ll realize these aren’t your average, ordinary chainrings.

LevaTime II™ takes shifting to the next level.


Like all great marriages in life, timing is everything. A large part of our LevaTime™ shifting system is the timing and clocking of the outer and inner rings together. All of the Praxis ring combinations are “Matched Sets” precisely designed in concert for an optimized shifting experience. Praxis engineers spend an obscene amount of time laboring over tooth shape, ramping, and the precise location of shift elevators. All of this is done in order for the inner and outer ring to be in perfect sync at the moment you shift.