Our new patented elastomer collet design keeps the cartridge bearings outboard of the frame right on spec for greater rigidity and free of frame/c-clip tolerance issues that other systems deal with. Simply press in the longer non-drive cup, then the shorter drive cup threads into it. As the drive cup threads in, our new orange elastomer collet expands outward to a precise machined limit evenly dispersing pressure in your frame shell for a super snug fit.

This design is on all of our BB30, PF30 and BBRight bottom brackets.

Expanding Orange Elastomer

With both cups connected and our elastomer expanded, there is no chance the bearings can come out of alignment or walk out of the frame.

This design also uses a compressible o-ring on the non-drive side cup to compensate for frame shell width discrepancies.

“Praxis Works showed what we feel is the most thoroughly designed BB/PF30-to-Shimano™ bottom bracket currently on the market. The bottom bracket uses a collet system that wedges itself tightly inside the shell with even pressure throughout.”

James Huang

“We were really excited to see the Praxis Works Converter. This super-smart piece of retrofit engineering is designed to fit some of the most common designs of press-fit BB and fits snugly into the bottom bracket so that the cups are securely fixed to eliminate creaking. What makes this converter so clever is the fact that it doesn’t just clamp the shell from the outside, but thanks to the threaded collet, the middle expands slightly to grip the inside of the frame where the bearings normally sit and holds itself captive with an expansive force too.”

“This is a brilliant product, not only is it extremely high quality, it’s also a great solution product. The threaded, collet style construction is creak free and genius.”



This greatly reduces the chances for creaking and other unwanted noises associated with the lesser “Band Aid/Spacer” type adaptors in the market.   This newly updated design refines the fit of the BB inside the frame even better than the original Praxis collet.

You can find the elastomer collet on all our BB30/PF30/BBRight bottom brackets.


  • Separate L & R adaptors will wiggle/walk out of frames
  • Subject to more frame/spindle tolerance issues
  • Don’t handle heavy pedal loads well
  • Much higher chance of creaks and noises from bad fit in frame shell