Flow Mountain Bike has been riding our new C32’s hard for a couple of months now, and here are just a few excerpts of what they had to say.  Skim through the highlights below for the full article link!

(All Photos & Excerpts from Flow Mountain Bike)

“We discussed in the First Bite that the practicality element of these wheels is a big selling point, with their external nipples and J-bend spokes, and despite not having to true the wheels, or replace a spoke, in the event that you do have to do some maintenance, these features will make your life (or your mechanic’s) much easier. From a maintenance perspective, we’ve ridden the C32’s hard for a couple of months now, and the wheels haven’t needed any time in the truing stand, with the spokes remaining the same tension as the day we picked them up- that’s a thumbs up in that department!”

“The C32 Mountain wheels would be a good upgrade for a wide variety of riders, from casual trail riders through to enduro racers. Their excellent balance of weight, strength, stiffness and serviceability make them a great option if you’re looking to upgrade your wheels, and we’re confident after riding the C32’s back to back with several other wheelsets that you’ll notice the difference on the trail immediately.”

“During our testing of the C32’s we had two incidents, both where we went into a clearly audible rock versus carbon duel, and to our disbelief there was no damage to be seen, and the tyre also remained intact and inflated both times. Despite a few scratches on the rim, you wouldn’t know our C32’s are a couple of months old. We’ve enjoyed our time on the C32’s immensely, now to figure out a way to not give them back!”