Well…the word is out, we’re doing a 10sp ‘Wide Range’ cassette!

Many of you have been calling and emailing with many questions since we revealed it at the recent 2015 Taipei show. So here are the basic bullet points on the product, and just know that we are just as excited as you to be launching it.

  • Praxis Works Aftermarket 10sp MTB Cassette with an 11-40T “Wide-Range”
  • 11-13-15-17-19-21-24-28-34-40 is the gearing | Can be used for 1X or 2X crank setup
  • The 11-28 cogs are stamped steel,  and 34-40 are machined 7075-T6 AL and and Hard Anodized
  • The goal was great shifting, no sacrifice, no compromise ‘Wide-Range’ 10sp MTB cassette, that you could use an unmodified 10sp rear derailleur with. The 11-40 gearing allows this.
  • We did NOT want to be just another ‘Expander Adaptor’ compromise that many riders are resorting to.  We wanted a full proper cassette.
  • For SRAM/Shimano Mid or Long cage RD only.
  • The weight is 322g.  Works on any 10sp MTB wheel.  It’s as simple as installing and adjusting your RD.
  • Will retail $130.00 USD. Please see our growing list of international distributors.
  • We will make announcement on our website, newsletter, Facebook, Instagram etc. when we release it. So please follow us on these social sites!

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