MTN CRANK OVERVIEW – Here’s a quick overview and inside details of our  2018 MTN crank offering.  For more details click here.  

48/32 MICRO-COMPACT GEARING – Here’s a quick overview and inside details on our well known 48/32 Micro-compact gearing.  This gearing is available insalled on all Praxis road cranks.

3-BOLT DIRECT MOUNT- A look into the 3-bolt direct mount versions of our aftermarket cranks.

HOLLOW – When you cut open a Praxis hollow alloy crank, you can see just how hollow it is and the consistency of the wall thickness.  This type of manufacturing takes years to master and dial in. 

M30 TOOL – Eric talks about the Praxis M30 tools that are needed for our M30 and M30-THRU family of BB’s.

M30 Bottom Brackets – A look into the Praxis M30 cranks and BB’s…