It’s been a whirl wind of a global launch for our new 10sp Wide Range MTB cassette, and Vital MTB has done a full ride review with all their insights, thoughts, and overall opinion. Here are a few excerpts from the review.

“While some offered larger add-on cogs or aftermarket derailleur links, Praxis Works has opted to skip what some saw as a bandaid approach and instead developed an entire wide range 11-40 tooth 10-speed cassette with 100% cross compatibility with existing non-XX SRAM and Shimano drivetrains. At $130 it is far more reasonably priced than most other options and has the potential to be the quick 1x fix many happy 10-speed users have been looking for.”

“I was impressed with the look and quality of this ‘bargain’ cassette straight out of the box. From fit to finish the Praxis Works rivals any Shimano free-hub compatible cassette on the market. It would have been easy enough to stamp out 10 steel cogs with a decent finish and call it done, but Praxis has clearly taken the time to design a cassette that compliments other top tier drivetrain components, even if they are ‘only’ 10-speed.”

“Though some might cringe at the price initially when compared to a $60 XT cassette of nearly identical weight, you’ll need another $80 for an add-on 40 tooth ring to replicate the range of the Praxis cassette. Or, when you consider the $300 price tag of a SRAM XX 10-speed cassette (which does happen to be over 100-grams lighter but is limited to 36 teeth) it almost looks like a bargain. If you want to enjoy the benefit of a wider gear range but aren’t willing to pony up big bucks for a full 11-speed groupo, I would recommend upgrading to the Praxis Works 11-40 without reservation.  As a stand alone bolt-on upgrade to your existing 10-speed drivetrain the Praxis Works wide range cassette is a winner.”

Read full VITAL MTB review here:

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