The LT2 X-Spider

The amazingly versatile, all new 3-bolt direct mount LT2 X-Spider allows for all our road chainring sets to fit on one spider.  With its unique 4-bolt 160/104 BCD, every gearing set from 48/32 all the way to 53/39 fits on this one spider.   Newly improved for even greater stiffness.

This all new LT2 X-Spider is even more stiff then our original generation X-Spider.  With new forging design to support the new LT2 5mm plate big rings, this 3-bolt direct mount keeps things flex-free when it’s time for that critical shift.   Full modularity was the goal with our X-spider & rings. With this one spider riders can change X-ring sets without having to change cranks.  The LT2 X-rings are forged from 7075-T6 aluminum and Hard Anodized to take a beating.